Race Serisi

Ullman Sails Race Series sails are custom-designed for each boat with a fast, efficient shape that translates into speed and performance on the racecourse. Race Series sails feature lightweight construction with an emphasis on extended performance life. The sails are also easier to adjust and control as the wind strength and sea conditions change, allowing you to keep the boat balanced and sailing fast.

Cloth Selection and Performance

Ullman Sails Race Series sails are available in specialty race Dacron and a selection of race laminates. The Ullman Sails team will work with you to determine the best materials that match your racing needs, boat specifications, budget, and performance expectations.

Race Dacron: Ullman Sails uses premier brandname race Dacron - a low-stretch, lightweight material with excellent bias control. These features, coupled with Dacron’s unparalleled durability and longevity, make for a sturdy, highperformance sail. You can be confident in your sail’s load management. Available in cross-cut and radial constructions.

Race Laminates: Compared to Dacron, race laminates offer additional performance to any racer. Laminates have better dynamic load management and weigh less. The panel layout of laminates also allows for more stability in the draft position, giving you greater control and power on the racecourse. Available in a variety of materials and constructions.

Advanced Design

The Ullman Sails Advanced Design Team, headed by Ullman Sails President and four-time World Champion David Ullman, has experience designing and testing for a range of successful projects including Olympic campaigns; the America’s Cup; various One Design classes; and rating rules. Using SMAR Azure® 3-D design software, computer analytics and two-boat testing, Ullman Sails is able to optimize every sail shape for outstanding, long-term performance. The outcome is a fast, efficient sail shape that produces winning results on racecourses worldwide.

Standard Details and Specifications

All of our racing sails are built to our grand prix standards, regardless of the sail cloth or construction. The same design and construction effort is put into every single sail that bears the Ullman Sails logo. Moreover, every racing project is unique and we have several options available to customize your sail with features that meet your racing needs.

• Radial fan patching • Vinylester battens • Aluminum headboards with stainless steel liners • Reinforcing patches for hanks and slides • Dyneema or Vectran leech and foot lines • Stainless steel clew, tack and reef rings • Cunningham • Telltales • Draft stripes • Reinforced batten pockets • Sail numbers • Hanks or slides • One reef standard

Available Upgrades

• Zipper luff systems • Glowfast luminous tape draft stripes • Additional reefs for mainsails