Red Line Spinnaker Serisi

Ullman Sails Red Line Spinnakers are designed to be fast, stable and easy to fly on the racecourse. Every sail in our Red Line Series is optimized for smoother, aerodynamic flow that generates power and performance, translating into greater boat speed.


Ullman Sails provides a full range of downwind racing sails for you to build a comprehensive inventory that covers all apparent wind angles and conditions. Each Red Line Spinnaker is custom-designed by the Ullman Sails Advanced Design Team for optimal performance through its desired wind range with a smooth clean exit that increases the sail’s efficiency. Our design team can also optimize spinnakers within any handicap ratings and class rules.

Cloth Selection

Ullman Sails race spinnakers are available in a selection of high-quality, brand-name performance spinnaker fabric. Most spinnakers are made from nylon, but there are other options available. Ullman Sails will work directly with you to determine which cloth and weight best match your racing style and performance expectations.

Spinnaker Coding

Asymmetrical spinnakers coded with even-numbers (2A, 4A) are running sails with full-size girths for maximum projection. Odd-numbered coding (1A, 3A, 5A) is used for flatter shapes that are designed with smaller girths for fast, more efficient reaching. Symmetrical spinnakers are similarly coded with even number codes (S2, S4) used for running and odd number codes (S1, S3, S5) designed for reaching.

Smaller numbers indicate that the sail should be used for lighter breeze, and larger numbers for heavier breeze and deeper angles. The Code Zero is a specialty spinnaker that is very popular for light-wind upwind sailing (A0).

Advanced Design

The Ullman Sails Advanced Design Team, headed by Ullman Sails President and four-time World Champion David Ullman, has experience designing and testing for a range of successful projects including Olympic campaigns; the America’s Cup; various One Design classes; and rating rules. Using SMAR Azure® 3-D design software, computer analytics and two-boat testing, Ullman Sails is able to optimize every sail shape for outstanding, long-term performance. The outcome is a fast, efficient sail shape that produces winning results on racecourses worldwide.

Standard Specifications

• Radial construction • Low-stretch Dacron leech tape • Sail numbers • Polyester leech and foot cords • Luff cords • Stainless steel rings

Available Upgrades

• Custom graphics • Retriever patch • Glued-only seams • Standard V trim stripes • Glow-in-the-dark V trim stripes